Andrea Allen | R+F


Gosh she’s cute! I had so much fun with my big sister a few months ago when she came to visit us on the coast. Especially getting to take her first ever headshots for her Rodan and Fields business.  This beautiful woman is the mama of four beautiful kiddos (my nieces and nephew!), married to one of the most badass humans on earth... seriously... and she basically just kills it at life and keeping it real, which is always so refreshing. She’s inspired me in so many ways to be a better me as I’ve watched her bring those four babies into this world and still managing to take excellent care of herself physically. It’s truly amazing. Andrea was a senior in high school when I was a freshman.

She wasn’t one of those mean big sisters.

She let me sit with her up front with the big kids on the volleyball bus and always sought me out in the hallway at school to just make sure I was alright. She let me hang out with her and her friends and would drive me around in her Volvo we called “Marla” rocking out to gangster rap. Oh yeah, there IS A REASON we call her Dr. Dre. She was always inclusive and always made me feel so special at such a vulnerable and awkward stage of my adolescence. I’m forever grateful for that precious year and all the times she took me to our favorite bagel place before school for breakfast sandwiches.  This girl chases dreams and doesn’t let anything slow her down... even their insane schedule and her man in the thick of medical school residency at UW. She’s the epitome of #bossmom and I’m proud to call her my sister. Love you girl.

I believe in the power AND importance of great photos of yourself when you're a business owner.  Headshots don't have to be boring.  I think they should be really fun, unique, and customized to you and your business!  I had a blast with this session and creating an experience for her! 

Not to mention Rodan and Fields products are simply GORGEOUS.

I had so much fun styling with them and love the final result!  I think my FAVORITE photo from the styling is the large one with ALL the products... I'm hoping to see that baby float around Pinterest because it's just so PRETTY!