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Friends, family, and anyone part of the ERC community — the time is here! My brand spankin’ new website is finally complete and I’m beyond excited to share some behind the scenes with you all on why my website has gone under such a huge change and what it all means for Emma Rose Company.


  1. Feature an entirely new brand copy.

    If you’re unfamiliar with this, copywriting is extremely important and I realized earlier this year (2018), that I needed help with mine. Am I a strong writer? Yes! I am. However, even strong and capable writers like myself need help when it comes to their own business and hiring professionals to bring it all to life. So I hired Ashlyn, the owner and boss babe behind Ashlyn Writes. I stalked this incredible woman for several months before sending her an email, sharing my heart, and opening up the door to conversation about the possibility of her helping me. Instead of new gear or attending a workshop this year, I knew my investment needed to go to something a bit different and I knew I wanted Ashlyn to be the one to help me. In a nutshell, they took my entire business and story I shared through a detailed questionnaire and a few zoom video calls. It started with a brand evacuation which is essentially a blueprint for me to use going forward.

The brand evacuation included a mission statement, core values, brand positioning statement, elevator pitch and voice and tone guidelines. This phase took some time but once it was pulled together I could not contain my excitement on what this would mean for everything to come!

2. Create an entirely new website flow that makes more sense.

I wear many hats in my business — yes, I do. I hired a copywriting team because it was time for me to bring it home in a sense and ensure that what I do, who I serve, and HOW I serve, finally makes sense. I’d struggled with this for a long time in figuring out how to keep doing all the things I love but not confusing my readers and my clients. When you work your way through the new website you’re going to see that it finally “makes sense.”

3. Bring more color to my brand.

I’m a huge fan of neutrals and felt like my brand couldn’t really incorporate much color for some reason. But then throughout my web copy project, I started digging really deep into who I am and what represents me as an artist and creative business owner. I’m colorful! If you look through my Instagram and all my work, it’s not neutral at all. Not only is my brand colorful through my imagery, but so am I. I love my blonde hair, decorating my home with pops of color and feel inspired by our town we live in and all the beach vibes you get exploring. As I sat down to figure out which direction I wanted to go — yellow kept coming back to me. We live in a yellow house, it’s my daughters favorite color and I realized that it’s also one of mine, too! I started exploring how a shade of yellow would look with Emma Rose Co. and quickly fell in love. So that’s the inspiration there and you’re going to see it around every corner and click of the website!


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Emma Rose Company



BRANDING BY Emma rose company

Custom illustration by The Wells Makery


Project keywords:  encouraging, colorful, simple, down-to-earth, intentional

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A note from the designer

Emma Rose Company is a Squarespace website designer and photographer who primarily works with photographers to help them reach their business goals through thoughtful design.

I am a self-made, self-taught photographer, web designer and educator who’s learned most of the lessons I teach the absolute hardest way. I fell in love with photography (and, really my own creativity) after my own wedding when I borrowed my father’s camera just to play around with it — turns out when you do something you love, you want to do it all.the.time.

I learned along the way what burnout looks and feels like and made it my mission to help other creative entrepreneurs avoid it all together. Instead of quitting on my dreams, I decided to turn my life around and all of that started with me. I started running and working out, lost 50+ pounds on a health and wellness journey and finally found my happiness along the way.

Using the same accountability I did in my personal journey, I began to put systems in place (and a team of people who support me) to finally run a business I love and show up well for my family, friends and clients.

Now, in all facets of my business I get to help lead others to do the same.



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