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Chua LeePhotography

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Chua’s primary goal with her new website was to be able to better showcase her work without worrying about it looking “off”. She wanted the website to be cohesive and a better representation of who she is and the style of work her clients can expect in their final galleries.


Project keywords:  Elegant, Memorable, Timeless, Romantic, Genuine

Branding by Jian Loh

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S Q U A R E S P A C E T E M P L A T E :: Maple

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I F Y O U E N J O Y E D T H I S P O S T , Y O U M I G H T A L S O L I K E :

A note from the designer

Emma Rose Company is a Squarespace website designer and photographer who primarily works with photographers to help them reach their business goals through thoughtful design.

I am a self-made, self-taught photographer, web designer and educator who’s learned most of the lessons I teach the absolute hardest way. I fell in love with photography (and, really my own creativity) after my own wedding when I borrowed my father’s camera just to play around with it — turns out when you do something you love, you want to do it all.the.time.

I learned along the way what burnout looks and feels like and made it my mission to help other creative entrepreneurs avoid it all together. Instead of quitting on my dreams, I decided to turn my life around and all of that started with me. I started running and working out, lost 50+ pounds on a health and wellness journey and finally found my happiness along the way.

Using the same accountability I did in my personal journey, I began to put systems in place (and a team of people who support me) to finally run a business I love and show up well for my family, friends and clients.

Now, in all facets of my business I get to help lead others to do the same.