Abby + Kyle


The common question all weekend from family and friends at Abby and Kyle's wedding was, "How do YOU know Abby and Kyle and how did they find a photographer from WASHINGTON?!"  Yes, I traveled over 2,000 miles this past weekend to celebrate and photograph their beautiful wedding in Chattanooga, Tennessee!  

This past April, my now brother-in-law planned an epic surprise birthday for my sister who was turning 30.  We all met in Vegas and it was a weekend for the books!  You can watch the video here!  In a nutshell... majority of their closest friends traveled for the big weekend and Nick had something else up his sleeve - a proposal.  I was there to document the whole thing and while I was there, I met Abby, Kyle, and Bruce.  If you don't know who Bruce is, he's their camper and he deserves his own name because he is that rad.  Anyway, Abby and I connected and we started chatting about her wedding!  She told me they didn't have a photographer yet and so the convo turned to what that would look like to get me down there for the event!  I gave her a quote and told her to think about it - zero pressure - I know it's a lot to consider!  Before I even got on my plane back to Washington I got a text from Abby and Kyle saying, "We want you, let's do this!"  So we started planning my trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee!  Once again I was overwhelmed by the power of CONNECTIONS in this field and the people I meet along the way!  As traveling nurses, they have found themselves all over, including a contract in Wenatchee this past summer living with my sister and her Husband!  It's been great getting to know them since first meeting in Vegas and gearing up for their big day.

Kyle and Abby met in nursing school in August of 2010. She remembers Kyle walking into orientation, and thinking, "Is this guy going to class or the beach?" They didn't really start talking until their second year when they had clinicals together.  Abby tried to avoid Kyle, so she could stay focused on her studies. That only lasted for so long! He invited Abby to go on a hike one day, and that same night she met his wonderful parents, Cathy and Phil. From then on, Abby found it hard to stay away. They started "studying" together and to Abby's surprise, her grades got improved!  They both had plans to leave Tennessee as soon as they were done with school.  Abby told herself she would never be with an American boy, but it's funny how things can change when you fall in love.  

Abby grew up in Saudi Arabia.  This wedding was one of the more "traveled" weddings I've ever been to - friends from all over the WORLD, quite literally.  Dubai, DC, Washington, California, England, Saudi... the list goes on.  Abby didn't have bridesmaids but her nearest and dearest friends from childhood and later in life were with her all morning as the festivities unfolded!  She and her childhood friends had not ALL been together in ten years, it was truly special to see them together as if no time had passed at all.

Their wedding was at The Tennessee River Place in Chattanooga and it was gorgeous.

 I'd never been to Tennessee before so visiting this new area was a treat!  It was HUMID - that part I didn't love BUT I loved everything else!  The people, the food, the atmosphere... it was all so amazing.  The Tennessee River Place venue was huge, and my dream spot for pictures with plenty of shade and beautiful pockets for portraits!  Their day could not have gone any smoother from the relaxing morning with mimosas, delicious snacks, pictures, and their day of coordinator Erica (Kyle's sister!)  Abby was such a calm and easy going bride, which always make my job so much more fun!  Their day was filled with happy tears, lots of hugs, selfies, nonstop dancing, delicious food, human pyramids, more dancing, laughing, and a whole lot of love.  Abby and Kyle are just smitten over each other and their love is so evident in all that they do and the people who surround them.  Their first dance was HUNGRY EYES and MAN could you feel the heat between these two - it was seriously SO beautiful and so sexy all at the same time!  Kyle wore a suit that was HIS dad's suit when he got married.  He had it tailored to fit him and it was simply perfect. 

Thank you Abby and Kyle for bringing me all the way to Chattanooga, Tennessee to document some of the most precious memories of your life.  I've loved getting to know you both and just KNOW you are going to have not only a filled life of adventure, but lasting love.  I hope anyone reading this post loves these images as much as I do!  What an incredible wedding!  I will never forget my time there!  And a special thank you to my friend and second shooter, Allison for all her help!