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I’ve been thinking back to this summer and how much fun it was for me personally and professionally! One of my favorite parts of any summer is visiting my hometown of Wenatchee, Washington. Anytime I’m home, I try to book a few portrait sessions and this season I had some amazing seniors on the calendar, including miss Lauren!

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I feel as though my time in Wenatchee this summer was NOT long enough!  Although I was happy to get back home and escape the terrible smoke that filled the valley while I was in town for a wedding and a few of my senior girls! 

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Dietrich Family

I grew up in Wenatchee, Washington and miss my hometown all the time! However, I have to admit that summers over there now are pretty frustrating with all the smoke that seems to be in full force by August. I just wrapped up a week in Eastern Washington and my goodness the smoke was brutal.

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