Some of you might remember beautiful Sunshine from her first round of pictures with me last year!  You can view that post here!  The package we worked out included a studio and outdoor session.  Something I LOVE about senior portraits is having the classic shots (like a studio setting) as well as ensuring that the session is a reflection of my client's personality and hobbies.  


I love to create a customized and tailored experience for all my senior girls - including hair and make up if they choose to have it done!  I want my girls to have a once-in-a-lifetime gallery that will not only make them look their absolute best, but also a gallery that captures their unique personality and interests.  

It's your life.  Your graduation and your image - what do you want it to represent?  I love when my seniors share special places with me that mean something to them on a deeper level than me choosing a spot.  This is exactly what Sunshine's session was all about.  It was about creating an experience and final product that reflects HER and her personality.  I loved everything about this dreamy sunset session with not just her horse Clyde, but several others who came to join the party!

My fear of big animals is still very real and I was not good at holding the reins when taking pictures of her in the water, haha!  I had to pass them off to her mom!  I'm definitely NOT what you would call a horse whisperer but watching Sunshine with Clyde was really special.  I think horses are magical and Riley would have totally loved to watch them run around but she's very much like me and would probably freak out if I tried to get her close to one, haha!  Anyway, I do love horses but I will definitely keep my spot on the ground taking pictures...

Sunshine has worked for Tom Wells (Chenois Creek Horse Rentals) since the summer of 2016. And Clyde has been her guide horse going on 3 years now.  Sunshine spends many of her days with the horses and leading guides on the ocean beaches of Southwest Washington.  It was great meeting her boss Tom and for him allowing us to use his private property for Sunshine's senior portrait session.  He came along to help which was great!  His property is absolutely breathtaking and the private beach...?!  Just wait until you see that magical spot!  He told me I can come back anytime and I will definitely be taking him up on that to swim in the river this summer with my family... and probably snap a few pictures, too!  The sunset was simply magical.  I absolutely love adventures like this with clients because it makes the experience so memorable.  The beginning was a bit of a muddy mess and Sunshine did warn me to pack boots (which I did!)  She wasn't lying because there was a lot of mud to get down to the river with all the rain we have had but it was worth it!  So so so dang pretty.  I loved watching Sunshine do her thing and the relationship she has with Clyde.  

I hope you love these images as much as I do!  Sunshine, you're amazing and going to do great things in this life.  Thank you for letting me be part of it to deliver images you will hopefully cherish forever!  Senior year is such a special time and so exciting as the world is SO big and you still have so much yet to experience!  I loved making these memories with you and being a tiny piece of your story!