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Squarespace is the platform I use to build all my custom websites for clients. Over the years, I’ve experimented with all the platforms, but always kept coming back to Squarespace. I’ve created this overview so that you can better understand the ins and outs of the platform and why it’s trusted by the world’s best. Squarespace empowers people with creative ideas to succeed. With their award-winning templates, they truly are the most beautiful way to present all your amazing ideas online.

Emma Rose Company is a Squarespace website designer and photographer who primarily works with photographers to help them reach their business goals through thoughtful design. #squarespace #emmarosecompany

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a website platform and host for online business owners looking for a professional, elegant and simple website. While all the sites are template-based, they are all fully customizable. Therefore, we can stylize the site using all of your brand elements, colors, fonts, etc.

If we’re getting technical, Squarespace builds SEO best practices into every single website, which basically means, it gives your website a leg-up in the world of Google without too much extra work! Also, have you ever been browsing a website from your phone only to leave frustrated that it was too difficult to easily get where you wanted to go? Yeah, we’ve all been there — Squarespace websites are all responsive. This means that they look amazing on desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone screens!

In a nutshell, Squarespace is perfect for small creative business owners looking for a simple, easy-to-navigate site with basic functionality.

Why do you use it?

Beyond the reasons mentioned above, I love that I don’t have to be a coding wizard to implement fun custom features. Due to the simplicity of the platform, I’m able to offer my clients quality, modern and stunning website designs at an affordable cost and focus on the things I do best… design! This doesn’t mean there won’t be coding when you work with me, but it won’t hinder you from being able to use your website when our time together is finished!

My clients love Squarespace because the drag-and-drop system makes it easy for you to update on your own. My packages come with a Squarespace Training session with me to ensure that you will be able to update the text, add/remove images, blog, etc.

Other details to know about Squarespace

There is flexibility within the given templates provided by Squarespace and I can make many desired changes happen. However, if you DIY, you can expect your site to look similar to the template you choose with your visual branding and content placed.

Your new Squarespace website comes with one custom domain name. If you happen to have a domain name registered, I will help you direct it to your new site as a part of my service.

If you need a lot of special functionality and customization with your new site, Squarespace may not be the best fit for you. While there is a lot I can personally do within Squarespace, there are also limitations.

Can you tell me more about the design process working with you?

As a website developer and designer, I like to keep things simple, while also approaching every single project with intention and creativity. I can give you a rundown on the experience with me here at Emma Rose Company. If you don’t have an already established brand, it start there.

Branding is the first main step.

Before anything is even official, we’ll first determine if Squarespace is the right fit for your business. If it is and we opt to move forward together, it will begin with developing a custom visual brand for your creative business.

  • Planning + Discovery: This phase is all about digging into the core of who you are and what you do.  I will ask you to collect visual inspiration and complete some homework to ensure we’re creating from a place of strategy, intention and alignment.  We’ll then have a strategy call to discuss your homework, your big goals, what you envision for your new visual brand and our overall direction for your entire project.

  • Design + Develop: From there, I will dive into your initial logo concepts.  After a main route is established, we’ll refine and continue to develop your visual styling with additional marks, elements, patterns and textures.  Collaboration and communication is key!  The best final products always come when we’re able to work together as a strong team.

  • Implementation: Once your visual brand is finalized, we’ll bring it all to life.  Depending on which package you select, this may involve designing collateral pieces and launching a Squarespace website.  The goal is consistency and a deep understanding on how to use your brand going forward.  Through my processes and simple design, we will ensure your new brand is beautifully represented in every single way.

  • Launch! After everything is approved, I will connect your domain to your new website and that’s when we can cue the confetti! Your new brand and website is live and it’s definitely time to pop the bubbly and celebrate!

SUPPORT + TRAINING post your website launch

The timeline for support is dependent on which package you select. This support starts the day your new website launches. It is my goal as a designer to ensure my clients know how to use their website on their own. We will have a live training session to teach you how and I’ll provide a link to the recording session for your reference.


Top 5 reasons I love Squarespace:

One: Responsive.

I think it's safe to say that almost everyone is viewing sites on their cell phones!  I do all the

time and nothing bugs me more than stumbling on a gorgeous site only to be disappointed that it's difficult to navigate from the phone, so I quickly leave.  Squarespace handles all of that for you 


Two: Customizability.

What I love about Squarespace is that it takes minimal coding for anyone who is putting together a site for themselves if any at all.  The templates are gorgeous and completely customizable with fonts, colors, etc.

Three: Content Management.

The primary reason I design in Squarespace is so that when I'm done with a project, my clients can actually USE their website.  I trategically pick templates based on my clients must haves for their site.  Squarespace is very easy to use and to understand, not to mention all the incredible resources that are out there directly from Squarespace on how to do so many things yourself.

Four: Affordability.

Affordability is so important as a small business owner because let's be honest... running a business is expensive.  Squarespace offers several different price points to best fit your needs with your site.

Five: Customer Service.

Every experience I've had with Squarespace and their customer service is incredible.  It's reassuring to know that if and where there are any issues along the way (which is rare), that they have my back.  I will recommend Squarespace to anyone I come across asking about which platform to go with!

Emma Rose Company is a Squarespace website designer and photographer who primarily works with photographers to help them reach their business goals through thoughtful design. #squarespace #emmarosecompany


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