McGihon Family


Katie and I first met on Instagram.  This is not the first time I've made a new friend from Instagram, which still amazes me every day!  While there are struggles with social media, etc etc., it's also so incredible and powerful!  Since opening up that little corner of the internet, I've had the honor to meet some really amazing people and build new friendships.

Katie McGihon was no exception to this!  We met on Instagram and made plans to connect on my recent trip to the Palm Springs area.

My parents have a home in Palm Desert.  It's a beautiful five bedroom home that has served our family for many, many years.  For the first leg of this trip to California, head on over to THIS POST to read all about why I was here and what happened during those first few days of my trip!  Anyway, Katie and I planned to meet on my last night in Palm Desert.  I found this gorgeous little spot right up the road from our house which is about 5 minutes.  I WILL be back here for more... that's for sure.  The scene and light is simply perfect tucked into the mountains.  Not only did I get to meet Katie, but I got to meet her sweet family!  Her Husband Scott, and children (Aiden, Ava and Carolina!)  Carolina (the youngest) and my daughter, Riley quickly became friends!  (Frenemies?)  Either they were giggling and holding hands or making each other cry - it was pretty hysterical!

After pictures we all went out to Thai dinner which was just so so good.  It was not only so special to meet a photographer I admire, but to also see her family, too.  It makes it all so much more "real" and I wish there was more of this in our community!  It's humbling and overwhelming to know that all over the United States and WORLD, I've built friendships and no matter where I go because of this community, I am almost guaranteed the ability to meet new people at any given time!  Or if I'm ever in trouble I have no doubt that this community would step up to help.  That feels good.

I hope you enjoy these images at my new favorite spot for pictures when I'm visiting the Palm Springs area!  If you are from the area and interested in pictures with me, I'm hoping to plan another trip out here next year and also hope to fill the trip with lots of pictures!  Katie, it was so wonderful meeting you and your sweet family!  Let's do it again soon!