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So basically, I love my clients and I love my "job."  The relationships I've had the honor of building through my work has been a true blessing in my life, including the one I have with Melanie (and Bobby!)  But mostly Mel :)  

Melanie has been a blessing in my life since moving to South Bend, Washington!

We didn't become friends right away, but slowly but surely we saw more of each other and I am so proud to call her a friend.  I admire her hustle and ability to serve the people in her life the way that she does so gracefully.  I also love that she keeps it real.  When you're 30 it's hard to make those solid friendships, especially when you live in a town you didn't grow up in... it's just the way it is.  Melanie and I have leaned on each other as we navigate the world of entrepreneurship and running your own business.  While our businesses couldn't be more different, they are also the same in so many ways!  We both can relate to one another in what it's like to be your own boss, work with clients and balance the busy.  I've learned a lot from this girl and she even helped me BIG time when I was ready to hire my first assistant!  

Melanie wanted a unique session for their "headshots" because after all, headshots should be FUN!  This is a three part series!  

I should also mention that a lot of this was inspired by a rebrand Seiler Home Group went through and Melanie hired me to design their new logo and website, you can check that out right here!  I loved working with her on this project and am so happy with the final result.  When you get a brand new website, I can't encourage my clients enough to invest in proper BRANDED headshots to line up with the launch.  I'm so thrilled to be part of their story and there will be many more pictures to come in the future together!

We started with a session in my studio (which I've since left), then Melanie and I had a fun session outdoors and THEN when their assistant Anne came to visit Washington, we made sure to get some headshots of her, too!  Anne's headshots were done in my cozy little in-home studio that I'm falling in love with for stuff like this!  I definitely don't have the space I used to have in the big studio, but it's amazing how much I can do with such a cozy space!  

Seiler Team, thank you for trusting in me SO much to not only create a brand and website you can be proud of, but for letting me into your business so intimately with all the photos we've gotten to take together so far!  I just adore you and these images!  ENJOY!

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