Courtnage Family


Tiffany reached out to me a few weeks ago letting me know that she and her family (all 15 of them!) would be headed up to Seabrook, Washington to celebrate her Mom's 60th Birthday and was wondering if I could come up for a family photo session!  Of course I said yes, if you know me - you know that Seabrook has my heart!  I adore that community and taking pictures at the beach!

Tiffany's family was the SWEETEST!  I left the session with a huge smile on my face pinching myself once again that I call this "work."  It just doesn't seem real sometimes!

It was chilly, but we had fun!  One of the best parts of this whole experience was that Shaun and Riley actually came up with me!  We opted to turn it into a family afternoon and it was perfect.  While I was taking pictures, Shaun and Riley played on the beach.  In the first image of the beach you can see them way off in the distance... so sweet!  When we were done I called them over to come meet the group and Riley was in heaven with all the kids!  You'll catch her in the last image of this beautiful session! 

With as much rain as we've had the past few weeks, I was concerned about the weather because while we could have figured out a plan B, I REALLY wanted to take pictures on the beach!  The weather could not have been better for November!  I hope you love these images as much as I do!  I'm already anticipating my next adventure to Seabrook with my camera in hand...