I could write out how stinking sweet this little one was in the studio recently but I think I just need to let the pictures do the talking...

Okay, I guess I have ONE thing to say, haha!  

I get asked all the time when the best time for pictures is with little ones and my answer is this:

Newborn!  This varies but I prefer lifestyle sessions around 2 weeks old.

Next, when they start sitting up but aren't yet crawling or walking!  This is my absolute FAVORITE time to take baby pictures!  This is exactly where Alma was for our recent session and you will see it in these pictures.  Catching these little ones before they are totally on the move makes the session a bit easier and allows the photographer to get the sweetest expressions on camera!

So anyway, happy Monday!  One of my 2018 goals is to blog EVERY Monday so today Alma is live and ready to be swooned over!  These are just TOO cute.