Every once in awhile... okay, every single time I get to photograph a styled shoot that paints a picture so beautiful, I just want to crawl inside and stay there. This is definitely one of those for me as a photographer! From the luscious cascading florals designed by my friend and florist Nancy, to the elegant calligraphy invitations and the fresh pops of green, I'm totally in love.  And I would also like to add that fresh eucalyptus wreaths should be a thing at every wedding... just saying!  And the best part is that over five months later it's still hanging in my house and still beautiful!  I'm reminded daily of this shoot and how incredible it was!

We started just before sunrise on Rose Ranch and it was freezing... but worth all the numbness!

I'm kind of obsessed with sunrise photographs because the light is so dreamy and soft before the sun rises.  Sunrise can be tricky because you want to make sure you're there before the sun comes up with plenty of time to get the shots you need because once that sun comes over the hill it's bright!  I face my subject to the sun before it rises and then use the sun as backlight once it comes up over the hill.  Same thing goes for sunset, I use backlight when the sun is setting and then typically face my subject toward the light when it's gone down.

My friend and model, Haely, was so much fun to work with!  This was my first styled shoot with her and it could not have been better.  I'm always so grateful when I get to work with models who listen so well and totally go with the flow!  It makes the whole experience that much more fun. 

We then ventured back to my studio for the main portion of the shoot and it did NOT disappoint!  The table setting, greenery, florals, and stationery were the perfect blend of elegant and romantic.  I hope you love these!