Natalie + Connor


I am one of five kids in my family.  The oldest is my brother Brendan, sister Andrea, sister Caitrin, myself, and baby Connor.  Our childhood was always an adventure to say the least!  So when it came time for our baby brother to get married, we couldn't be more excited.  Connor is the last Smith kid to say "i do!"  It's surreal to me sitting here typing this that we are all married off now to amazing partners in this life.  I've gained five fellow siblings which brings our number to 10!  Since getting married nearly four years ago to my Husband, Shaun, it's been a true blessing watching him become part of the crew and willingly go spend time with my brothers.  I'm thrilled to add Natalie into our circle of women in our family!  

Let's rewind a little bit to Connor and Natalie, how they met, and how they pulled off one of the most epic weddings I've ever had the pleasure of attending!

Connor and Natalie met on a service trip in the Dominican Republic. They were in the same small group the whole week but certainly did not pay each other much attention. After the trip, they had a group reunion and that’s when Natalie knew Connor liked her. But she didn’t like him quite yet. They went on a date and she still didn’t give him much thought.  After a few unanswered messages, Connor gave up on Natalie. But about 9 months later, first day back at school from winter break, Natalie couldn’t stop thinking about him. She spent a week slyly trying to convince friends to “drop by” his fraternity house and subtly asking mutual friends what he was up to (Although she doesn't think she was as subtle as she thought). But nevertheless, after another week or two Natalie managed to wear Connor down. It wasn’t love at first sight, or second or third… but it’s turned out to be something way more than she thought she would ever in her life find.

Then came the proposal at our family cabin on Hood Canal.

Connor decided to propose at our family cabin on Hood Canal in Washington State. Natalie and Connor have some of their best memories up there and it is easily my brother's favorite place on earth (not to mention one of the most beautiful). The day before the proposal, Connor met me, up at the cabin to help him with the big day. Connor told me how he wanted to do it, and we figured out the details to make it go smoothly. It was also helpful for us to figure out the lighting for me to capture the moment. I enjoyed a night to herself up there as Connor headed back to Seattle. The next day, he took Natalie to a nice restaurant in Pike Place Market so she would be dressed up for the proposal. After a delicious lunch, they hopped on the ferry and headed across Puget Sound towards the cabin.  Of course she said YES, so that brings us to their big day!

Natalie and Connor's Wedding in Leavenworth, Washington at Sleeping Lady was unforgettable, and not to mention so beautiful!

From the grey silk Victoria Secret robes to Natalie's Enzoani gown, to the venue and breathtaking surroundings, this entire day was perfect.  It was extra special for me to get to go behind the scenes with Natalie and Connor all day.  Our agreement with me as their photographer was that come dinner time I would put my camera away and enjoy the rest of the night with my family and our friends.  I handed over lead role to my friend Kelsey who did a fantastic job helping me wrap up the day!  She was also amazing throughout the rest of the day.  I don't have to tell Kelsey what to do, she just knows what I need, where to be, and we work flawlessly as a photography team!  

The morning in Leavenworth started with a little rain but quickly burned off and gave me incredible light all day!

The rain was scattered throughout the morning and early afternoon but eventually stopped.  The skies were still a biz hazy from all the smoke but it honestly made for the most incredible light the entire day.  I was a happy photographer!    The day went off without a hitch.  It honestly couldn't have been smoother.  Natalie and her girls were on it.  She and her bridesmaids were SO fun, so relaxed, and easy to be around!  They made the day so special for me as Natalie's new sister in law and photographer.  One of the highlights for me was the gift that Connor prepared for Natalie.  It was a gorgeous wood box with her name on it and inside was a love letter and a USB.  The folder had 3 files that read, "Open me first, open me second, and open me third."  The first was a sweet video filled with images of all their favorite dating images up to their engagement.  It was perfect.  The second was a PDF for a coupon to a couple's massage the next day at the Sleeping Lady Resort.  The third was a cute note that said, "I can't freaking wait to marry you."  He nailed it.  

There were happy tears, epic speeches, laughter, and all the guests getting down on the dance floor!  It really was a day I'll never, ever forget.  I should add that the DJ was absolutely incredible.  DJ's can make or break an event and this guy was AMAZING.  I got to do what I love (take pictures) and celebrate my little brother and his new wife, Natalie.  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.!  They are going to have a life of adventure and love together.  Enjoy the photographs!  Vendor credits at bottom of post.