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Honestly, you will find this same information on so many other blogs out there, but I want to share my insight on how to implement SEO within your Squarespace site with these simple yet effective Squarespace SEO hacks here on my blog!  SEO doesn't need to be complicated but it is just a little tedious.  So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to make some super simple changes to better improve your site's SEO and start getting found on Google!  Please keep in mind with this post that SEO takes time.  Patience is key.  Don't expect to make these changes and suddenly show up #1 on Google, it doesn't work like that.  Just like building trust in any relationship, Google needs to trust you and your relevancy.  Alright, let's do this.

My Favorite SEO Hacks | Blogging with Squarespace | How to Build SEO

1.  Site Title

To find the site title, head on over to home, click "Design" and then "Logo & Title".  This is where you will want to make sure you title your website.  I have my main keywords set up here as "Wedding Photography | Graphic Designer | Emma Rose Company LLC".  Simple, but important.  Go ahead and check yours now and see what you have in that spot.

Squarespace SEO Hacks | Emma Rose Company LLC
Squarespace SEO Hacks | Emma Rose Company LLC

This is what it will look like from the web browser:

2. Page Descriptions and Titles

Title tags are part of the meta tags that appear at the top of your HTML inside the < head> area. Think of title tags like the title of the chapter of a book. It tells people and search engines what your page is about.  Title tags are also part of what makes people decide whether to visit your site when it shows up in the search results. The title tag should contain important keywords to help the search engine determine what the page is about.  You should have every single page described within each page.  Below is an example of my homepage:

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 1.20.48 PM.png

3. Title every single picture within your site (and make sure it's websize)

So when you go to edit the page, just click to edit the image and title it like shown below:


I can't tell you enough about the importance of making sure every single image within your website is WEBSIZE.  Google (SEO) does not favor websites that are slow and bogged down.  You will get dinged my the Google Gods if this is the case.  When working with my design clients I make them upload all websize images to their Dropbox folder because it is crucial for website speed.  I find this article written by Squarespace super helpful so if you don't know how to properly size your images it will help you learn how!  You can view the article here.

4. Blogging & Pinterest

If you aren't blogging, you aren't going to build SEO.  It's just the way it is.  Remember those page descriptions and titles?  You need to plug all those keywords not only throughout your website, but within every blog post you write.  I'm bundling blogging and Pinterest together, because I'm telling you what my secret weapon has been this year...Pinterest!  When I started implementing Pinterest strategies I had less than 50 (in April 2016) and it's now December and I have over 3k.  I love Pinterest!  Since I cleaned up my boards and starting pinning every single day (at least 50 pins per day) my average website page views have more than tripled.  I haven't been as consistent on my blog this year because I honestly didn't have time but things are different now because I know it's a HUGE part of growing my business.  Because I am such a fast editor with my images I have a new system of creating the blog post right when I'm done editing.  Even if I'm not quite ready to publish, I will add all the images (titled and sized correctly) to the blog and save it as a draft.  This has streamlined my workload significantly doing it all at once instead of finding another window of time to sit down and blog. 

There is more to SEO but this is an excellent place to start if you are tired of pulling your hair with your Squarespace site and getting found on Google. 


If you do not already have a verified Google Business Account, you need to do that right meow.  Yes, I said meow.  Get verified!  Create a business Google + Account and make sure you are all set up with Google Analytics and syncing that to your website.  I am always checking my analytics to see where and how people are finding me.  I can even see how long people stay on my site.  It has been fun to see that time get longer and longer (my goal!) because it shows me that people aren't just clicking in and then out right away, they are sticking around to learn more!  I encourage you to do this right away because without being verified on Google, you aren't going to rock SEO.  Also, encourage your clients/customers to leave you a Google Review!  While Facebook is awesome because people go straight there to look up reviews, Google Reviews are the ones that will build SEO, not Facebook.  I offer clients 10% off any future photo session with me for a Google review.  Have you worked with me before?  You can leave me one HERE! :) 

Emma Rose Company Blogging Tips and Strategies | Squarespace SEO Hacks

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Did you like this post?  Speaking of SEO, blog comments BUILD SEO!  So if you're feeling like this Squarespace Hack Post helped you in any way, feel free to leave me some love in the comments!  Thanks, friends!  See you next time.  

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