A simple way to legitimize your business | How to set up a custom google domain email address | Business Tips

You know those emails you get that look something like "emma@emmarosecompany.co or the cute ones like "hello@yourbusibessnamehere.com".  Those stick out to you, don't they?  At least I think they stick out a little bit more than emma@gmail.com (or something like that, you get the idea).  So how do these businesses have their own custom email addresses?  I'm here to tell and show you how to set up yours today!  I truly believe that this is one very simple way to make your business more legitimate.  I get it, having multiple email addresses can be a bit annoying, but Google makes things easy and I cannot imagine using any other email platform.  Some of you may already know how to do this, but this is a question that hits my inbox quite regularly.  As business grows I'm going to start tackling questions I am asked here on the blog which will help serve as a host for all your business questions along the way and act as the perfect library to quickly access each topic.  Alright, are you ready to learn how to set up your very own custom google domain email address?  Perfect, let's get started.

A simple way to legitimize your business | With a Custom Google Domain Email Address | Small Business Tips

Why you might need a custom email domain

  • The reality is that with a custom email address, like I said above, you appear more professional.  You are wanting to promote YOUR business, not Gmail's, so let's drop the @gmail.com and get you to stand out even more!
  • Some email hosts downright stink.  They are not easy to use, don't communicate well and ultimately cause much more headache than it is even worth.  Checking your email shouldn't be such a chore.
  • The tools that come with using Google email are incredible.  Since I implemented Google into my own business I've been able to streamline the way I run my business.  I'm going to get into all that at another time but it has made my life and work so much easier, especially when working with my clients.
  • Do you have one of those hosts that you have to constantly log in and out to switch from your accounts?  Stop creating an Incognito window and start easily switching between all your emails with Google.  I get emails every day from my personal account, Emma Rose Designs and Emma Rose Photographer.  Since bundling everything together I'm working smarter, not harder.
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How to create a custom domain email address with Google

You must own your own domain first in order to get a custom domain email address.  I've purchased my domains through Squarespace, but another popular place to do this is GoDaddy.com.

Visit the Google Apps site right here.

Click "Start Free Trial" and then enter your basic information and follow steps in order to create your account.

When you are setting up the account you will have to choose from "Express" or "Custom" way and I recommend Express because it's quicker and easier!

Now you will be asked to verify your domain.  This will sound trickier than it really is, I promise.  I'm going to talk to Squarespace users because I do not know much about Wordpress yet, but I'm sure there are very easy tutorials on the web to find that information!  For Squarespace users:

Copy the HTML Tag Google provides into your Squarespace website

  • Google will recommend a verification method based on your domain provider. For the simplest setup, we recommend the HTML Tag method instead.
  • Click the Alternate Methods tab, then check HTML Tag. Copy the meta tag.
  • Add the HTML Tag to your site by clicking on the Homepage>Settings>Advanced>Code Injection.
  • Paste the meta tag in the Header field. Click Save.
  • In Google Search Console, click Verify.
  • A congratulations message should appear.

Once you are done, login to your Google Apps account and click on "Users".  There, you will see the option to add new users.  Adding new users is $5 per user, per month or $50 for the year.  I truly believe this is worth every penny!

Alright, time to celebrate, you have a new custom email address!  If you get stuck along the way, I can guarantee you can find any answer via a Google search.

Or if you have a question, please feel free to email me or leave me a message in the comments below and I will try to answer!  


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