Meet my people!  My Husband, Shaun and daughter, Riley.  They are my life and the heart behind all that I do here at Emma Rose Company. 

I believe in story telling and I believe that EVERY story is important.

A few years ago, I made a powerful decision that would forever alter the course of my life and how I lived it. In actual fact, the decision made itself the very first time I ever held the fragile infant bundle of my newborn daughter, Riley. In that moment, something in me clicked: I knew then that I would never return to my career as an accountant - a career that had left me feeling unfulfilled.

I wanted my daughter to grow up unafraid to dream big dreams and to pursue them with abandon, and I knew that in order for her to enjoy such freedom I would need to first discover it for myself, and lead the way. I began to explore the different avenues of my personal passions. I became inseparable from my camera. I allowed myself to embrace the simple joy of taking one day at a time.

There’s an unexpected gravitational force that comes to bear when we’re immersed in what we love. I was (and still am!) filled with creative energy. I took one picture. Then another. Then I took hundreds more. I rekindled a fascination with logo design and graphic art. I drank lots of coffee and, sure - my life got a little messy. But I was happy, and I was inspired! I even built myself a website.

Almost before I knew it, I was taking on clients for everything from wedding photography to branding packages and even custom website designs. And that brings us right up to the present where I am a city-girl-turned-country after moving to the magnificent sweeping landscape of Southwest Washington State where I live in a small town known as the “Oyster Capital of the World.”

The adventure continues daily - whether it’s adjusting to my new life as a “ranch wife” on my Husband’s family cattle farm or traversing the uncharted territory of motherhood or developing beautiful websites for my amazing clients.  

Going right to the heart of it: I want to support you in your story, in whatever way possible - even if my role is very small. I believe in story telling and want to help tell yours for generations to come.

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